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The new urban cities area is about 1.23 million feddans and the urban area has about 518 thousand feddans

Housing Sector :

Total number of housing units 2 million & 282 thousand units-

Total number of housing units done by NUCA 782 thousand

Total number of housing units done by the private sector 1400 thousand

Social Housing :

The project aims to provide one million housing units for young people and limited income in new cities and governorates in areas 75 m2 & 90 m2

The new Urban Communities Authority has launched some 400,000 housing units in 24 new cities as following :

229,000 housing units were allocated to 23 new cities, including 

141.000 housing units completed 

  88.000 housing units are under construction 

  81 thousand residential units are currently under construction

Other than 90,000 units are being implemented by the armed forces and others 

Distinguished Social Housing ( Sakan Masr )

The project aims to provide residential units of a distinctive character in new cities suitable for all levels of society with areas of about 115 m 2 - 124 m 2 

51036 housing units have been assigned to 11 new cities

fully finished  There were 612 units of them

Middle Housing (Dar Misr) 

The first stage 

1328 buildings were assigned to 31872 units. 

The number of (441) buildings with (10584) residential units and the delivery of (2691) units of them for the two barriers. 

The second phase 

1043 buildings with to 25032 units. 

The number of (33) buildings with (792) residential units.

Population :

The current population is about 7 million and is expected to reach 17 million when growth is complete

Second: Services Sector

Total number of service buildings in new cities as follows: 

Number of service buildings executed and ongoing by the Authority 3220 service buildings 

Other than what is being implemented and is being implemented by the private sector and other bodies and estimated at 3322 service buildings

 • Third: Utilities and infrastructure sector


A total of 37 water stations were implemented: 

• 10 well stations - 7 integrated water plants - 20 surface purification plants 

With a total produced water capacity of 4.9 million m3 / day 

Water networks in the new cities have been implemented along a total length of 15218,812 km 

The implementation of the number of 1 water stations as follows: 

Surface purification plant with a total water capacity of 1.2 million m3 / day.


A total of 44 power transformers with a total capacity of 4470 MVA were implemented

Total lengths implemented for electricity networks in new cities 64624 km

Roads and communications

Total lengths implemented for road networks in new cities 9268.79 km 

A total of 34 permanent centers with a capacity of 1.8 million lines were implemented 

Total lengths implemented for communications networks in new cities 12246.02 km


The number of producing factories reached 9040 factories with an invested capital of 132565 million pounds with an annual production of 113084 million pounds, which provided 754661 job opportunities with a salary of 5405 million pounds.

Factories under construction (about 5850), with an investment capital of LE 64149 million, with an annual production of 98071 million pounds. 193897 offers a job opportunity of LE 2222 million


About 200.7  billion pounds have been invested in the implementation of the Nuca's projects 

In the housing sector, 73.7  billion pounds 

In the services sector, 17.1 billion pounds 

In the utilities sector, 107.7  billion pounds 

In the agriculture and performance development sector, 2.2  billion pounds 

private sector investments, about LE 400 billion.

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