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The area of ​​the new urban cities is about 1.28 million acres .

First: the housing sector

• The total number of housing units in new cities is about two million, nine hundred and eight thousand housing units.

• Number of housing units implemented by the NUCA about 916 thousand housing units.

• The number of housing units implemented by the private sector is about 1992 thousand housing units.

Second : Social Housing

• The project aims to provide one million housing units for young and low-income people in new cities and governorates with an area of ​​about 75 m2 - 90 m2.

The New Urban Communities Authority launched about 470 thousand housing units in 25 new cities as follows:.

416 thousand housing units with 25 new cities as the following :

• The number of 270 thousand housing units has been completed.

• 172 thousand housing units are being implemented.

• 85,000 units are being implemented by the armed forces and others.

• Supporting 64 thousand housing units.

Sakan Misr

The project aims to provide residential units of a distinctive character in the new cities to suit all layers of society with an area of ​​about 115 m 2 - 124 m 2.

• 68000 housing units were assigned to 13 new cities.

• 5208 units were completed.

And now supporting 1944 units

Average Housing (Dar Misr(

The first stage

Assigning 1328 buildings with 31872 units

.• The completion of (1091) building with (26184) housing units.

The second phase

• 1043 buildings were assigned with 25032 units.

• 704 buildings with 16896 residential units were completed.


The current population is about 8.5 million and is expected to reach 17 million when growth is completed.

Second: Services Sector

Total number of service buildings in new cities as follows:

Number of service buildings implemented and ongoing by the NUCA 3400 service buildings.

Unlike what is being implemented and is being implemented by the private sector and other parties, an estimated 3250 service buildings.

Third: Utilities and Infrastructure Sector

­­­Drinking water

A total of 37 drinking water production plants (wells, surface and desalination) were implemented with a total capacity of 5.45 million m3 / day. Nasser - West of New Qena - East Port Said - New Mansoura) with a total added water capacity 1.815 million m 3 / day

• The implementation of water networks in new cities with a length of about 16034 km.


• The implementation of 34 sewage treatment plants with a total capacity of about 1.9 million m3 / day. May - New Beni Suef - New Minya - New Sohag - New Qena - New Tiba) with a total targeted actions of about 500 thousand m 3 / day.

• The total lengths of sewerage networks in the new cities are about 10144 km.


• The implementation of 44 transformer stations with a total capacity of 4470 MVA.

• Total lengths implemented for electricity networks in new cities 66941 mt.

Roads and Communications:

• 34 permanent centers with a total capacity of 2 million lines were implemented.

• The total lengths of the road networks in the new cities 10645 km.

Fourth: Industry

• The number of productive factories reached 10194 with an invested capital of 132.5 billion pounds with an annual production of 140 billion pounds.

• Factories under construction about (5429) factories have reached an invested capital of 61.2 billion pounds with an annual production of 98071 million pounds offers 178897 jobs with wages 2235 million pounds.

Fifth: Investments

LE 341.6 billion has been invested in the implementation of the NUCAS projects

• In the housing sector 137.8 billion pounds

• In the utilities sector 164.4 billion pounds

• In the services sector 35.5 billion pounds

• Agriculture and performance development 3.4 billion pounds

• Other than private sector investments, about LE 400 billion.



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