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The achievements of New Urban Communities in the field of tourism

- One of the highlights of  NUCA  is the tourist development of the North Coast for the sake of establishing new urban communities which are population attracting  resulting in providing new job opportunities and creating a new source of income  for the national economy .

-  NUCA 's plan is to establish different urban attracting areas along North Coast so that the private sector can invest in the  field of construction among these areas .

- NUCA  has adopted self-financing policy and implementation has competed the  The most prestigious international  villages and resorts .

-   NUCA 's projects have provided work for contracting firms and job opportunities for  those who are interested in  business and service.

Tourist villages Authority  

- It is one of the authorities under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing ,Utilities   and  Urban Development which are responsible for supervising the construction of tourist villages in the North West  Coast. It has changed this area into an attracting  developing  tourist community and helped in creating a parallel society to tourist villages which can be a  nucleus for  a new housing  community .

-  It was established by ministerial decree (543 / 1983).

-  It is responsible for issuing all building and   amendments licenses.

- It is responsible for selecting locations and preparing   general and detailed charts  necessary for establishing new urban communities.

Tourist villages Authority tasks

- Providing units for sale by public auction

- Providing shops for sale by public auction

- Marine business

- Receiving complaints and solving them

- Establishing hotels

-  Providing services such as shops  , mosques and etc. .

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