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New Toshka City


It is located   1 km  far from  south east  of Aswan / Abou Simbel road and about 55 km far from  the western coast of the High Dam   . It  lies 90 km  north  west  of Abou Simbel city   .It is considered to be a desert  area  bordered  by  Aswan / Abu Simbel road and Waleed bin Talal farm. The levels of the Earth's natural range of the city  are +215 to 263.5.

General plan

The total area of ​​the city  is 2973  acres .


  Target     :  80  thousand  inhabitants

Utilities and infrastructure sector


Ground water :  water depth ranging between 50/80 m in a layer with a thickness of 140-200 meters with medium production and salinity of about 200 mg / l.

Surface water: The North Tafreea  of Sheikh Zayed Canal or branch guide (1.2), is durable and convenient surface water source for the city.

Estimated quantity of water required for the city  is about 750 l / s at the target year designed on the basis of three stages.

Sanitation :

Sanitation is collected  in the treatment plant which uses natural oxidation ponds method .

A treatment plant  is designed on four identical stages and estimated total amount of the design disposal  is about 34640 m3 / day . The expected total area of the plant is 264 acres .

Electricity :

Estimated the needs of the city is about 50 m. P. A  until the end of growth stage .

Renewable sources of  energy are solar energy , wind energy and  biogas.


Estimated future needs of the city in the goal line are   30640 Phone lines  and   1560 freelancing circle . Optical glass fibers are used as  as  a  transmission mediator.

Solid Waste:

The quantity of solid waste of the city on the target year is about 320 m 3 / day (320 × 250 = 80 tons / day).

The proposed system for the disposal of solid waste is (healthy backfill) requiring an area of 76 acres


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