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Al Nubaria


It was established by Cabinet decree (375/1986). It lies along Cairo/ Alexandria desert road .It is 79  Km far from Alexandria.

General plan

The total area of the city  is 1816 acres (Residential areas - services – industrial - tourism and recreation ....)       

Housing sector

The total number of   housing units is  6692  of which

1894  implemented  by New Urban Communities Authority and

 4798 implemented by private sector.

And 14 buildings in the 2nd residential district by total units of 336

Build your own house :

Total number of plots in the city   is 1116.


Current   :  35    thousand  inhabitants

Target     :  125     thousand  inhabitants

Services sector

The number of   service buildings implemented   by New Urban Communities Authority is 44:

16educational buildings 

1hospital   and  

5health units 

5commercial services

3 mosques

social services


communication center

10public services

* In addition to 22   buildings implemented and 8  being implemented  by private sector.

5- Utilities and infrastructure sector

Drinking water:

-The city is fed   with drinking water by a purification plant with the  capacity of 25 thousand m3 / day.

Length of finished networks:  128.8 km.


- A treatment plant with the   capacity of  6.8  thousand m3 / day has been  implemented .

- Finished sanitation networks  by length 65.94

- The second phase of a treatment plant with the   capacity of 21.7  thousand m3 / day is being  implemented 


-  A transformer station with the capacity of 50 M. F. A has been   finished.

Length of finished networks  :  443 km.

Roads and communications:

-Length of finished road  networks  : 63  km.

-Length of finished communication networks :  64 km.


- The total area of of green areas in the city is 231 thousand   m2 which is equal  (55 acres ) so that per capita share of  green areas  is 8.6 m2  .

Industry sector

-There are 120 producing factories  with 435 million pounds as an investment capital, with an annual production of 523 million pounds which  provided 2499 jobs paying 6.38  million pounds annually.

- There are 50 factories under construction with 277 million pounds as an investment capital, with an annual production of 324 million pounds which  provided 1527 jobs paying 25  million pounds annually. .


1.1 billion including:

- Housing sector         :   254.8 million pounds

- Utilities sector           :   697.1 million pounds

- Services  sector         :   145.7 million pounds

- Agriculture sector      :  11.1 million pounds


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