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New Fayoum City


It was established by presidential decree (193/2000). It is located west of Cairo – Assuit eastern road , 100 Km far from south Cairo .It is 15-40 far from Fayoum and Bani sweif Cities respectively.

2- General plan

The total area of the city  is 13.5 thousand acres of which 1669 acres are an urban community   (Residential areas - services -  industrial -tourism and recreation ....) divided into 3 districts in addition to tourist , recreational , regional , industrial and southern extension zones  .

3- Housing sector

- The total area of the city is 12851.87 feddans, of which 1855.33 acres are urban area.

The urban bloc of the city is divided into three residential neighborhoods in addition to the tourist, recreational, regional, city center, industrial, southern extension and western extension areas. Social housing and northern extension area 48 feddans (84 plots of social housing) and western extension area 37.5 feddans (64 social housing buildings) The eastern stretch is 96 acres

4- Services sector

-         2 Nurseries , 2 health centers,  2 markets , primary  education school , and 2 headquarters for districts heads  have been implemented.

5- Utilities and infrastructure sector

Drinking water :

-The city is fed from the water of Alezab  plant in Fayoum city  (600 mm )

-Water networks for the residential built-up area  have been finished

-Water network for the third district has been  implemented .

-Length of finished networks: 50 km.

Sanitation :

-sanitation  networks for the residential built-up area  have been finished

-oxidation pond  (( discharge of 15000 M3/d) ) has been finished.

-Length of finished networks: 40 km.

-2 pumping plants and expulsion lines have been finished.

Electricity :

C) Electricity networks of 6894 km.

-network in the second district (family housing zone ) has been finished .

- network in the third district (build your own house )   has been finished . 

Roads and communications :

-Length of finished road networks: 75.75 km.

-Length of finished communication networks: 5 km.

Sixth: Industry Sector:

- Total industrial plots 52 pieces divided as follows:

Number of factory implemented = 6 factories (number of (4) factories operating and have an operating license or industrial register or express

The number of (2) factory with an industrial register or a permit and did not work)

Number of factories under construction (ongoing) = 46 factories


1  billion pounds including:

Housing sector       : 261.6  million pounds

Utilities sector        :  648.8  million pounds

Service sector        :  72.9 million pounds

Agriculture sector   : 32.8  million pounds

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