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East Owainat


It lies 365 Km  south of Cairo.

2- General plan

The total area of ​​the city  is 1073  acres.


Expected population is  45  thousand  inhabitants.

3- Utilities and infrastructure sector

Drinking water:

There are not sources of  surface water or rains.

Groundwater is the major source of water and its depth ranges from 10-60 meters where salt concentration  decreases from 208 to 728 mg / l  which is very good for drinking water and agriculture.

The productivity of the well is about 1,400 m3 / day ( enough to serve about 4,000 persons a day ).

The required amount of water for the city is about   25125 m3 / day.

Sanitation :

It includes slope network  , lift stations and a  treatment plant.

A natural biological oxidation treatment plant

Treated water is used to irrigate woody trees and windbreaks.

Electricity :

 There is no source of electricity and it about 250-450 km away from the power source associated with the unified grid.

The nearest source of electricity is Toshka transformer station (220/66/22 KP ))

The needs of the city is  about 60 M. P. A.

New and renewable energy sources are : solar energy , wind energy and  biogas.

Communications :

Estimated future needs of the city when the target year are 4063 lines .

Solid Waste :

The quantity of solid waste of the city when the target year is about 150 m3 / day (35 tons / day).)

The proposed system is recycling solid waste and converting it to organic fertilizer.

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