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New East Port Said City

East Port Said  Area  Project , an integrated project including (One million- People  City - Industrial Zone - the Port of East Port Said Area) . The limits of the area is One million- People  City ( ​​29815.4 acres), Industrial Zone  (​​23 574 acres), and the Port of East Port Said Area ( ​​17159.6 acres) with a total area of 70 549 acres.

It is located in the northern entrance of the Suez Canal, and is bordered by  the Mediterranean sea to the north , New Suez Canal to the west, Romana and Baloza city  to the east , and  an agricultural back and AlQantara area to the south. New East Port Said is located on the northeastern entrance of the Eastern Suez Canal, which is a unique position for the convergence of three continents, the movement of world trade between East and West ,and attraction for ships transiting the Suez Canal.

Development factors  of the city are East Port Said Area, a container terminal ( 3.6 km ), a ship supply station, and the port of multi-cargo vessels, dry and agricultural molding and casting, as well as the establishment of a separate side channel of the northern entrance of the port along 9 kilometers, Internal storage logistics areas,and an industrial zone includes iron and steel industries, complementary industries serving the port ,and naval industries.

One million- People  City includes an  urban development area which is an urban stretch of Port Said city , real estate investment area ,  and archaeological, environmental  and naval tourism. There are elements of an urban community in East Port Said area.

Roads leading to East Port Said area are Arish - Qantara Road, Port Fouad Ferry, and Qantara -East Port Said - Road.

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