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New Assiut City


It was established by presidential decree (194/2000). It is located on the east of the River Nile (Cairo/ Sohag  Road ). It is 15 Km far away from Assiut city .

General plan

The total area of the city  is 30.3 thousand acres of which 6642 acres are an urban community   (Residential areas - services - tourism and recreation ....) 

Housing sector

The total number of  housing  units is  71072  of which 3336 under construction  and  12736  being implemented   by New Urban Communities Authority and  17 thousand  by private sector .

Build your own house :

Total number of plots in the city  is 5219.


Current :   30 thousand  inhabitants

Target    :  750 thousand inhabitants

Services sector

The number of  service buildings implemented  by New Urban Communities Authority is 56 & 24 by others :

10 educational  buildings

9  health services

8 markets

4 mosques & 1 church

11 social services

8  public services

In addition to 10 buildings implemented  by private sector and 12  buildings which are being implemented.

Utilities and infrastructure sector

Drinking water:

-The city is currently fed from the water of the Nile through a socket and  a purification plant with the capacity of 52 thousand m3 / day as the first phase up to 52 thousand m3 / day after completion of the second phase.

- Length of finished networks: 364 km.


-Sewage of the city will  be collected on Abnob Alfath plant  ( the National Authority for  drinking water and sanitation ) as a permanent solution.

-Length of finished networks: 260 km. in addition to sewage lift station.

- Fast expulsion line for the southeast of the city is being implemented.


-Length of finished networks: 1283 km.

- Transformer station with the capacity of 50 M. F. A has been  finished.

Roads and communications:

-Length of finished road networks : 324.5  km.

-Length of finished communication networks: 122 km.


3.8 billion  including:

- Housing sector       :   1.6 billion pounds

- Utilities sector        : 1.9 billion pounds

- Service sector        :  380.7 million pounds

- Agriculture sector   : 25.4 million pounds



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